Responsible Management of Natural Resources

NueVida is dedicated to the responsible management of the natural resources that have been entrusted to our care, not only the leasehold rights that constitute our asset base, but also the community resources that we share with the residents of the areas in which we operate. We will pursue evolving technologies that improve our environmental performance across the entire scope of our operations. This commitment to stewardship is built into the NueVida culture with the goal of sustainability over the life of our project.

Beyond its management team, NueVida has strong ties to the San Juan Basin as more than sixty percent of our shareholders live and work in the Four Corners area. As local community members as well as stakeholders, we are vested in completing our operations responsibly and sustainably.

Our Commitment

  • Enhanced protection of wildlife in coordination with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and incorporating best management practices (BMP). This includes minimizing habitat fragmentation, installing/upgrading fencing, weed management and inter-seeding to enhance foraging shrubberies.
  • Operational activities will be minimized in accordance to CPW guidelines during wildlife wintering season (annually December 1st through April 30th ).
  • Implementation of both visual and noise mitigation methods in coordination with local residences.