Communicate with Integrity and Transparency

NueVida’s board members, employees and partners embrace and adhere to the Golden Rule:

We will always try our best to treat others as we wish to be treated.”

We will ensure that we communicate with integrity and transparency to all community members. We will represent all stakeholders, which include NueVida shareholders, residents of local communities, and local agencies, to build a sustainable culture of mutual success.

Our Commitment

  • Maintain community partnerships. We currently partner with the Pinos Fire District and the La Plata County Office of Emergency Management (LPCOEM).
  • Maintain strategic partnerships with stakeholder organizations. We are a member of the La Plata Energy Council, whose mission is to promote safe and responsible oil and gas development. We have committed to the Council’s “Good Neighbor Pledge”.
  • Empower all members of our team, whether partners, employees, contractors/sub-contractors, or investors, to meet their full personal and professional potential. This effort includes promoting diversity and inclusion, operating safely, creating prosperity, respecting the rights of individuals, and contributing to the communities where we operate.
  • Operate safely for each other, our contractors, our communities, and our environment. Each party working for or with us has the authority to cease work if they have concerns about the safety of a proposed operation. We continually assess, monitor, and communicate risks. Protecting the health/safety of any person affected by our activities is integral to our core values.
  • Create education and outreach programs with the local community. We volunteer, and support and sponsor local charitable organizations/community events. Among these are the La Plata-Archuleta Cattlemen’s Association, the Caliente Community Choir, the Desk & Derrick Club of Farmington, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Farmington & Bloomfield, the Aztec Chamber of Commerce, and the Four Corners Home for Children (San Juan Bi-Fly Tournament).