Surface Disturbance, Air/Noise Emissions & Water Recycling

NueVida will utilize existing surface disturbances whenever possible with the goal of minimizing its surface footprint and ensuring the least possible quantity of new surface disturbances. NueVida will employ closed loop fluid systems during drilling and completion operations and will minimize air emissions during all phases of operations, whether drilling, completion, production, commodity gathering, or transportation.

Our Commitment

  • Re-use and recycling of produced water through partnerships with existing operators.
  • Protection of surface and groundwater through application of closed loop fluid systems and proper placement of liners/berms on the surface to capture any spills during all phases of operations.
  • Electrification of production facilities to reduce/eliminate air emissions.
  • Align ourselves with vendors and Partners that practice a similar vision of reduction in Green House Gases (GHG). This includes, when available, employment of electric drilling rigs and EV frac fleets to minimize both air and noise emissions during operations. We will also complete gas gathering by Red Cedar Gas Gathering (RCGC) and Harvest who are implementing new programs at their plants to reduce their respective carbon footprints.
  • No flaring during drilling, completion, or production operations.